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- The fascinating history of Irish Whiskey
- The differences between Irish, Scotch and Bourbon
- Distilling techniques, methods of maturation and cask types
- The World of Aged Whiskeys and Malt Whiskeys
- Different Whiskey glasses and how best to drink Whiskey
- How to make the perfect Irish Coffee
- Receive their very own personalised Irish Whiskey Tasting
- Enjoy some typical and great Irish toasts!

We offer many different types of Tastings, for example:

The Old Bushmills Distillery in Northern Ireland - home of great Irish Whiskey
The Giants' Causeway close to the Old Bushmills Distillery in Northern Ireland
Irish Barley growing under clear blue Irish skies
Irish Whiskey Barrels maturing in aromatic warehouses.... waiting for you!
Original Licence to distill from the Old Bushmills Distillery in Northern Ireland

Irish Whiskey Tasting Events  can be booked for groups throughout the year. Each tasting session can last from half an hour to over two hours, depending on the group size and the type of tasting. During that time guests will sample different Irish Whiskeys and discover the many stories and secrets about Irish Whiskey, such as :

Please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with more information and a quote.  We can host your Whiskey Tasting Session in English, French or German.

By law Persons under 18 Years of Age cannot partake in these Irish Whiskey Tastings.
Persons aged between 18-21 years must be in possession of a valid evidence of age document.
We encourage a responsible attitude to the consumption of alcohol at all times.

Whisk(e)y Training

We also provide in-depth training for bar and hotel and retail staff for Irish, Scottish and New World Whisky brands.  Please contact us for more information.

The Traditional Irish Whiskey Tasting

Sample 3 well known, yet very different, Irish Whiskeys and learn the differences between Irish, Scotch and Bourbon by comparing them to some well known Scotch and Bourbon brands.  

The Premium Irish Whiskey Tasting

Sample   5 different and delicious 10 and 12 Year Old Irish Whiskeys - malts, blends and pure pot still whiskeys - discover how aging and different casks influences these whiskeys and compare them to single malt whisky from Scotland.   

The Masterclass Irish Whiskey Tasting

Discover our favourite selection of 6 exclusive Irish Whiskeys which have matured for many long years in dark aromatic warehouses.  Discover all the secrets of distillation and maturation and enjoy this superb range of Irish Whiskeys. The glow from this session will leave you spellbound!    

The Connoisseurs' Masterclass Irish Whiskey Tasting

Discover and delight in exclusive and collectors' Irish Whiskeys, some of which cannot be found anywhere else in Ireland.  From "new spirit" - whiskey straight out of a potstill - to the very best of the best.  And in between...some Hidden Gems of the World of Irish Whiskey  

The New World Whisky Tasting

Ireland, Scotland and the States are not the only countries distilling whiskey!  There is some serious competition out there... Discover some of the more unusual
whisk(e)ys from countries like Wales, Japan, India, Switzerland and Germany...with an Irish Whiskey to finish off with of course!

Whiskey Tasting Competitions

Any of the above Tastings can be combined with a Whiskey Tasting Competition.  Partake in the full Whiskey Tasting and follow through with a "blind" Tasting Competition.  Put your newly found noses, taste-buds and knowledge to the test!  Prizes for the winning team and additional great fun for everyone.

Irish Whiskey and Chocolate Tastings

Double the Pleasure!  Combine those smooth aromatic aged Irish Whiskeys with some delicious Irish and continental dark chocolates.  Scrumptious!

Irish Coffee Making and Tasting Sessions

Discover how to make the perfect Irish Coffee...and discover some new twists on that classic recipe we have been working on.  It's been hard work, but well worth the effort!

Irish Whiskey Bar

We can set up and Irish Whiskey Bar for your guests with an excellent range of Irish Whiskeys and some Irish "craic" for those corporate functions and conference events.